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Asia Style Collection | K-Pop Collection

Singapore Expo Hall 3


The girls performed Hoot, Dancing Queen, I Got A Boy and Gee. Sooyoung was busy with drama filming and couldn't make it.

Here's all my photos and fancams.

All shot with a Canon EOS 7D and EF 70-200 f/2.8 IS II w/ 1.4x Extender for certain photos. 

Please do not edit my photos without my prior permission. 

I especially do not wish to see them on Tumblr with silly filters. 

The photos and fancams are fine as they are ;)

Cheers ^___^

Download links:

Photos (50P | 69.6MB): MEGA | Mediafire

Fancams: Catwalk | Hoot | I Got A Boy | Gee (Yuri)

GIFs I made from the fancams: http://theangrycamel.tistory.com/342

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130622 Asia Style Collection - 2NE1  (0) 2013.06.23
130622 Asia Style Collection - KPop Collection  (0) 2013.06.23
130622 Asia Style Collection - SNSD  (0) 2013.06.23
Sigma 35mm f/1.4, f/5.6 GIF  (0) 2013.06.22
130609 Kyungri  (0) 2013.06.10
Sungah Teaser 130504  (0) 2013.05.04
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130421 Section TV - Seohyun

GIFs / 2013. 4. 25. 11:27

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130428 [少女時代 4.21大阪 ソシコンファイナル JCD]  (0) 2013.04.28
Minho  (0) 2013.04.26
130421 Section TV - Seohyun  (0) 2013.04.25
130421 Osaka by Terry  (0) 2013.04.25
Yuri by ddoubling  (0) 2013.04.23
130420 Osaka by Terry [Yuri]  (0) 2013.04.22
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Vogue Tiffany

Photos / 2013. 4. 21. 11:27

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Sungah Teaser 130504  (0) 2013.05.04
Nine Muses Wild Solo Teasers  (0) 2013.05.03
Vogue Tiffany  (0) 2013.04.21
Sooyoung @ First Script Reading  (0) 2013.04.15
Jessica & Krystal STONEHENgE by Topstarnews  (0) 2013.04.02
130329 Secret 시크릿 - Live in Singapore  (0) 2013.03.30
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GIFs / 2013. 3. 4. 14:19

Note: Rippling Sica has nothing to do with the rest of the post. 

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130304 Nine Muses  (0) 2013.03.05
Confused Yoona  (0) 2013.03.05
Ripple  (0) 2013.03.04
130303 Inkigayo - Nine Muses  (0) 2013.03.04
130228 Fukuoka Concert  (0) 2013.03.03
130302 Nine Muses + Rainbow  (0) 2013.03.03
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130208 Section TV - Yoona

GIFs / 2013. 2. 8. 23:26

1920x1080 Screencaps & MQ/HQ Gifs

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130209 Music Core  (0) 2013.02.09
130105 Lotte - SPICA  (0) 2013.02.09
130208 Section TV - Yoona  (1) 2013.02.08
Let's Dance - 9Muses DOLLS  (0) 2013.02.08
130205 Strong Heart Part 2  (0) 2013.02.08
130205 Strong Heart  (0) 2013.02.06
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From Kang Jong Hee drinking, the airy Yoon Hee of the 70s, and to the sweaty Choi Anna, I now give you this compilation of Jessica, Yoona and Yuri from their various dramas. 

Here's a few previews:

Download Links

Part.001 (1,000Mb) - LINK

Part.002 (874.6Mb) - LINK

Total of 286 files. Almost all of these are HQ (~720p or above). 

Thank you for downloading. And do share. :) 

Posted by AngryCamel

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Hello everyone

It's that time again, when a promotion cycle ends and we must have pictures/gifs to save from it. 

Here's my compilation of 906 gifs from the I Got A Boy promotions. 

Download Links:

Part.001: LINK

Part.002: LINK

Part.003: LINK

Part.004: LINK

Part.005: LINK

Part.006: LINK

900Mb x 5 parts + 313.3Mb x 1 Part.

Join all parts together using HJSplit. Split & Concat recommended for Mac as well. :) 

Then unzip and enjoy. 

Some previews:

Note: The compilation includes some JPG files of Caps or Avatars. I counted less than 10. There are also about 7 Nine Muses GIFs in there. Don't be alarmed :)

Thank you in advance for downloading, and do share around. 

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SNSD Football Team

Blog / 2013. 2. 1. 16:40

Anon requested the following on ask.fm: SNSD Football Team. Give your formations then!:D

I'll answer here then since it's neater.

I will use a typical Manchester United 4-4-2/4-2-4 formation here. Because it's the best in the world ^___^ 

And since I can't be arsed to think of other idols to add, I'll add in duplicate Soshi members.

GK: Seohyun

Full-Backs: Tiffany & Hyoyeon

Centre-Backs: Yuri & Sooyoung

Central Midfielder: Taeyeon, Sunny

Wide Midfielder: Tiffany & Hyoyeon

Forwards: Jessica, Yoona

Seohyun is GK because she's probably the most calm. We need that in penalty kick situations! She's probably the most balanced out in terms of height/flexibility/physique and since she's not very fast at running, this would be best suited for her. She probably has a firm hand too ;D

Full-Backs + Wide Midfielders. These are the two most important positions in Manchester United's counterattacking philosophy. United's wide players (and most wide players) have a certain set of attributes that determine their effectiveness - They're not outrageously tall. They're fast runners. They're good with their feet/control. It's also good if they're creative. Hyoyeon and Tiffany with their own clones? Sure, why not. Just to make sure they don't fail, we'll have one Tiffany on each flank and likewise with Hyoyeon :)

Centre-Back - Yuri & Sooyoung

There are a number of ways to form a solid defensive partnership that effectively seals off most opposing attacks from your precious penalty box. In the muscle and sheer power of Nemanja Vidic and the tall, imposing figure of Rio Ferdinand (Man United's strongest central defence partnership), you get the equivalent in SooRi. When you think about it, a lot of sense is made here. Yuri is strong, immensely competitive and not afraid of a really good challenge. She mirrors Vidic in this sense. You'd better be afraid if you see her coming for you (or turned on, idk). 

Sooyoung on the other hand, is not that fast a runner, but her height and flexibility allow her to go for balls that come from high up, easier. 

Central Midfielder. When you have the likes of Sunny and Taeyeon in your team, it's a little difficult to place them anywhere because they lack that athleticism XD. But I've managed to make their presence believable by placing them in, ironically, the position every person well-informed in football, would look to as the heart of the team. How apt. Taeyeon as leader would take up ownership of the captain's armband and who better to be at her side than the trustworthy and reliable Soonkyu? 

Actually, their lack of speed or much running ability may actually fit them better than expected. In the red half of Manchester, their central midfield has composed some of the most influential players in the world, and upcoming young ones too. Considering Dandy's height, they are Paul Scholes and Tom Cleverley. Both have almost identical styles of play. They're extremely creative, and have vision of things going on around the pitch that VERY FEW players can even hope to have. Their passing of the ball brings a sense of calm and urgency at the same time and are frequently the catalyst to an effective attacking move. 

Think about it. It makes sense for Taeyeon and Sunny, no? 

Forwards. Lastly, we have the forward line. Yoona is a prime example of someone whose all-around great as an athlete. She has sufficient height, fitness and as the centre of SNSD, what better place to be at then leading the front line and getting her name on the scoresheet often? :) 

Jessica can sometimes be a bit of a misnomer. She's like a few people mixed into one. Think of the nonchalant style of Dimitar Berbatov. Jessica may not like to move around ALL the time, but she still moves around a lot, and when it counts. Berbatov is a striker who should never be underestimated. Defenders always go lax around him because of his seemingly lazy style, then pay for it dearly ALL THE TIME. 

There we go. Realistic enough? 

Feel free to comment and give other suggestions just for fun. 

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Hello again.

Today I'm releasing my second GIF compilation of the year, from last year's SNSD & Dangerous Boys.

This is a smaller compilation then the previous MC TTS one, but just as epic nonetheless. 

Here's a couple of previews:

Download Info

306P - 974MB

Part .001 --- LINK

Part .002 --- LINK

Part .003 --- LINK

That should cover it for now. Do let me know if there are problems with the download links. 

Thanks for visiting, and remember to share :)

Upcoming Compilations - Love Rain, Wild Romance & Fashion King

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움짤COMPILATION - I Got A Boy Promotion Cycle  (0) 2013.02.04
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